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HGTV  Diane Travis Finds A New Home 

A Mt. Pleasant native found a new house in Grand Rapids thanks to a little help from Home and Garden Television.

When Shepherd High School graduate Diane Travis relocated to Holland for a new job, she began searching for a house in Grand Rapids.

One day, her realtor, Marilyn Hazard with Homes By Hazard, posed a question.

“The production company for House Hunters had contacted my real estate agent and asked if she had any clients that were going to be closing on a house soon,” Travis said.

The real estate agent asked if Travis would be interested in being featured on an episode of House Hunters.

Her reaction?

“Heck yes!” she said.

Travis, an alumna of Central Michigan University and interior designer, had taken a job in Holland a year ago, and was living in an apartment to get a feel for the job first, before making the commitment of buying a house.

After living on the west coast of the state for a year, she decided to purchase a house in Grand Rapids.

Travis and her younger brother, Mt. Pleasant resident Chris Stovak, both agreed to let HGTV film the quest for the right house.

The episode was to air 10 p.m. Thursday on HGTV, and Travis and Stovak planned to hold a viewing party at O’Kelly’s.

Both thought the process was really cool.

“It makes you kind of aware of everything that you do, but I didn’t avoid it,” Travis said. “It was kind of cool, especially when we were in public places. People thought we were a big deal.”

Stovak said crews filmed 30 hours of footage over five days, and then edited the footage down into a 22-minute episode.

A day was spent filming interviews with the brother and sister pair, three days were used to film the two checking out three separate houses, and a final filming day was done a month and a half after Travis closed on the house, focusing on the progress she had made after moving in.

Stovak said the episode focuses on his sister’s desire to buy an older house with character, while he steers her toward a more modern house so she didn’t have to worry about work or repairs.

Ultimately, Travis said, she found her dream home, complete with crown molding, plaster walls, wood floors, windows over the kitchen sink and a laundry chute.

Everything she had put on her criteria list.

“You seem to be doing a lot of nothing, but it’s quite exhausting when you look back on it,” Travis said.

Stovak said the show, which was filmed over this past winter, has been a long time coming.

A little nervous to see people watch him on the show, Stovak said he wasn’t sure what clips of the footage ended up being used, but the show was fun to participate in either way.

“We’re both pretty goofy when we’re together,” Stovak said. “It was fun.”

**A lot of people ask how does HGTV really work, the home is already purchased prior to filming!