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Your agent has a lot on their mind. From making sure they ate breakfast this morning to getting you into your dream home. To make sure our agents are 100% focused on you, we have a dedicated Administration team. They will make sure your transaction goes smoothly, all your t’s are crossed, and all of our i’s are dotted.

Easy Signing

No need to meet up just to sign paperwork. We use the industry standard tool DotLoop for you to sign documents from the comfort of your home... or car... or office!

Constant Communication

We check in with you every week to make sure you're transaction is rolling smoothly and answer any questions that might have come up along the way.

Keep Track of your Progress

Get a detailed timeline of what's coming up, what's due when so there are no surprises.


Marketing is a ever-changing, fast paced world. That’s why we have a Marketing Team. We know what catches your eye (like this website), and most importantly what will catch the widest net of buyers for your property.

Professional Photography

Our Marketing Team has a skilled professional photographer, knowing what to use to capture your homes beauty entirely. Did you know the standard camera lens found on most cell phones and basic cameras has a field of view of ~84ยบ? That means other realtors are missing can be missing at least 6% of every room!

Broadcasted Everywhere

We use the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) to broadcast your properties listing across all the big sites such as: GRAR, Zillow, Trulia, and

Beautiful Sellers Tools

From open house flyers to eye catching street signs, we use premium props to get people interested and into your home.

Home Staging

Complimentary Walkthroughs

See your home through the eyes of a Home Buyer. Marilyn Hazard graduated with a degree in Urban Planning and Environmental Design from Grand Valley State University. She can find hidden value and potential problems alike.


Did you know it's a common misbelief that rooms will feel larger and will be easier to use if all the furniture is pushed against the walls, but that isn't the case. Marilyn is here to show you things like 'Furniture Groupings' to maximize and showcase space.


When moving, your first thought isn't "Do all of my towels match in the guest bathroom?!" and we make sure it never has to be. We provide furnishings to net top dollar if necessary, help your Buyer see their future home.